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This is a resource page for the members of the Durango Ward of the
Las Vegas Lone Mountain Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Church").

This is not an official web page for the Church, and the Church has no responsibility for its content.

Promised Blessings of Temple and Family History Work

Apostolic Promises:  Click here and click here to watch two videos that remind us of the promised blessings of Temple and Family History Work.  All of us need and want these blessings.


FamilySearch Assistance Questionnaire


If you wish to share your interests in FamilySearch assistance or training with the ward's Family History consultants, download and fill out a questionnaire.  For the PDF version, click here.  For the Microsoft Word version, click here.  Boyd Buxton is the Temple and Family History Leader for the Durango Ward, and you can find his contact information in the Member Tools app and on ChurchofJesusChrist.org.


Instructional Videos

Adding Photos to FamilySearch:  Click here or here to watch a six-minute video demonstrating how to add photos to an individual's record in Family Search.

Introduction to Web Indexing:  Click here to watch a 15-minute video explaining how to get started with web indexing in FamilySearch.

Merging Duplicate Records on FamilySearch:  Click here to watch a 10-minute video explaining how to merge two records that have been created for the same person.

Temple Ordinance Scheduling:  Click here or here to watch a five-minute video demonstrating how to schedule an appointment to perform a Temple Ordinance.  This video will step you through the process of making an appointment on the Church's web site.  Quick link:  Temple Ordinance appointment page.


Miscellaneous Links

Assistance with Durango Ward Temple and Family History Work

FamilySearch Assistance:  If you would like personal assistance, we can assist you in one of three ways: (1) online access to your account; (2) on the phone; or (3) in a meeting together.  We can also provide instruction for small groups (preferably in a home that has a good Wi-Fi connection).  Please let Layne Rushforth know how what type of help that you need.  (You can find contact information in the Member Tools smartphone app or on the Church's website at directory.churchofjesuschrist.org.)

  1. Consultant Access to Your Tree.  A Temple and Family History Consultant will be better able to help you accomplish your goals if you allow that consultant to log into your family tree on FamilySearch.  If you want to initiate that, please let Layne Rushforth know, and he will send you an invitation to allow him to access your FamilySearch account online.  [Access can also be granted if you provide your login name and helper number to Layne.  To display your helper number: (1) log into FamilySearch.org; (2) click on your name in the upper, right-hand corner of the FamilySearch window; (3) click on Settings, and (4) click on Permissions. You will see your Helper Number under the Helper Access section.]

  2.  Phone Assistance.  If you would like to talk together while you are working on your family tree, call one of us to schedule a time to visit.  This will be more efficient if you have given the consultant access to your account, as described above.

  3.  Zoom Meeting.  Zoom meetings allow for screen sharing, which frequently makes them more effective than phone discussions.  If you wish to schedule family, group, or individual instruction via Zoom, contact Layne to schedule such a meeting.  We are happy to assist you on Sunday afternoons or Monday evenings, perhaps as a part of a Family Home Evening.  A web camera is optional, but you must have a microphone and speakers (or a headset).

  4.  In-Person Meetings.  If you prefer an in-person meeting, Layne is willing to come to your home or meet with you in his.  (Layne cannot meet with a single sister in her home, but he can meet with a single sister in his home while his wife, Sharon, is present.)  If you wish to schedule such a meeting, let Layne know.

Family Representative Training.  Consider having one member of your family speak or meet with a Temple and Family History Consultant for personal training, with a view to having that individual pass on the training to his or her family members.

Sunday Opportunity.  Perhaps you have time on Sunday for personal and family history work, which is part of the gathering of Israel that must be done in these the latter days.  Considering setting aside a set time on one or more Sundays each month to make your family tree is accurate and well-documented, so that all Temple ordinances needed for your ancestors and their descendants can be performed.  Layne is willing to assist by appointment, in person, on the phone, or via Zoom.

FamilySearch Links

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Miscellaneous Notes and Comments

Random Thoughts about FamilySearch, genealogical research, and Temple work for the dead.

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